Yoga Shorts – Top 5 Eco-Friendly Yoga Companies

Yoga Shorts – Top 5 Eco-Friendly Yoga Companies

Summer is on its way. It is time to get into some yoga shorts.

There’s yoga in the sun and some cool yoga clothes. If you can, let loose with materials that won’t hurt your skin or the planet.

The time is now to absorb the vitamins D and E.

Here is a list of yoga companies that sell yoga shorts that are eco sustainable yoga clothes-friendly. No particular order.


Pictured: hunter green sun shorts photo by @teekigram

Made In: USA

Sustainability: Materials made from recycled plastic water bottles

The movement aims to keep plastic water bottles out of the trash. Plastic bottles can take up to 400 years to biodegrade. All of their materials are made from recycled plastic. Take a look at their unique patterns, see what suits you. All of their clothing is made in the US.

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Alternative Apparel

Pictured: Girlfriend Collective High Rise photo by @alternativeapparel

Based-In: Atlanta, GA

The bottles were recycled and the nets were old.

If you are looking for shorts that have more coverage, look no further. The shorts from the Girlfriend Collective are a more practical fit. Made from recycled materials and using old water bottles, it’s ethical.


There are Joy shorts, Light to Love Biker shorts, and Wisdom shorts.

Made In: USA

The materials are made from recycled plastic bottles.

A wonderfully eco-conscious company that uses sustainable materials made of recycled plastic bottles. This allows for a 4-way stretch. They have a variety of designs, including the longer bike short, running shorts with spandex inside and adorable patterns with a drawstring along the side.


Pictured: Bri Shorts by @nominoudesigns

Made In: Canada

Local artists benefit from materials made from recycled plastic bottles.

No-Mi-No-U has short designs that you should definitely look at. They support emerging artists and incorporate international artists designs to celebrate different cultures. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles and spandex.

Yoga Democracy

Pictured: Compression Shorts photo [email protected]

Made In: USA

Italian fabric is made from post-consumer plastic, dyed with waterless transfer process, and made by free-range humans.

Are you looking for shorts with a high waist? Yoga Democracy can help you. The fabric is made from post-consumer plastic. Thanks to their non-toxic, water-less dyeing process, they have vibrant no-fade colors.


One of the best places to look for extra comfy people is Patagonia. We all need at least one pair of these, they have a variety of styles. Their materials are made from recycled materials.

Niyama Sol

Pictured: Fuji Flirt Shorts by @niyamasol

Sustainability: Incorporates recycled plastic fabric.

We love the designs on the shorts. The Japanese Fuji inspired short has a cute kitty-cat and fish. The Flirt Short is made from recycled plastic and spandex and comes in a variety of colors. They have rad retro roller girl shorts if you are looking for a looser fit. We have the Weekender shorts for men as well.

This is not a sponsored post, but some of the links are ambassador links. We help our fellow earth lovers succeed as well. We get a small commission on the sales made through these links.

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