Three Ethical Yoga Wear Brands From Japan

Three Ethical Yoga Wear Brands From Japan

The new year is fresh for many of us. The best time to think about your health is now. One of the best ways to maintain health is through yoga. The environment can be influenced by what you choose. If you are considering starting yoga or already doing it, here are three ethical yoga wear brands.

Yinyang committed to ethical fashion

Yinyang works on zero waste sustainable yoga clothes throughout the whole process from production to consumption. Cotton, linen and hemp are some of the natural ingredients used in their products. Over 70% of their products are plant-based. Plastic bags are not used when shipped from sewing factories, and shopping bags are made out of a plant.

Yinyang products are designed for daily life. There are different styles of color.

Yoq advocates for healthy oceans

[online shop: Yinyang

Yoq started to address marine plastic problems. The negative impact on the environment has been reduced by the introduction of sustainable materials.

The regenerated nylon is made from marine waste. It reduces waste and global warming impact by up to 90% compared with oil-based materials. The same quality and function can be found in ECONYL products. They can be recycled multiple times. Wood-based fibers called tcel are fully renewable.

Yoq has form-fitting wear with beautiful vivid colors that will boost your mood wherever you practice.

Your body and environment are supported by ayur shantee.

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With a focus on yoga and meditation, Ayur shantee products are created by a skilled designer. It can fit any part of your body and make you look better.

There are products made out of traditional Japanese paper. It keeps a degree of comfort by its properties. It can be destroyed completely after being used.

There is a wide range of products from form-fitting wear for power yoga to relaxed wear for yoga. If you want to show less of your figure in practice, Ayur Shantee has the right items for you.

[online shop: Ayur Shantee

Good care of your surroundings is important for your health. You can let go of your worries by choosing ethical products. Environmental issues can be solved by them.

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