LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener Review

LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener Review

Features of the LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener

The LiftMaster 8550W is a part of the Elite Series. The garage door opener has features like Smart Control Panel and a second remote to offer a reliable and automatic closing function.

Unlike most of the chain-drive units used in homes today, this garage door opener runs quietly and smoothly with the help of all the essential features.

The Garge Door Opener Design

Heavy sectional doors and wood gatehouse-style doors can be held up by the LiftMaster 8550W garage door opener. The belt-drive system in the operator allows the motor to operate in a smooth manner.

Those who have a bedroom next to the garage should consider the LiftMaster overhead door opener. You won’t hear the noise from the door.

The Backup Battery

The garage door opener has a backup battery that is amazing. You can open your garage door up to forty times in case of a power failure.

The battery will be able to be charged automatically once the power is back, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The LiftMaster 8550W works well with the HomeLink technology.

Timer-To-Close Function

The best garage door openers have a timer. When you want to close the door, the timers help. One of the LiftMaster openers has a timer-to-close function.

The timer can be set to 1, 5 or 10 minutes with a press of a button. You can change your time up to 99 minutes. You’ll never forget to close the door.

Security & Safety

The Standard Safety Features

Standardized safety features are only offered by the best garage door openers. The garage door has a safety beam at the base that can be opened whenever it is crossed.

Pets and children won’t get trapped under the door with this kind of garage door opener.

The door is very sensitive to pressure and can be reversed if it experiences a problem.

The Security+ 2.0 System

The Security+ 2.0 system has millions of rolling codes that can be used to reset the door whenever it is opened. Nobody is capable of hacking the codes of your door and opening it while you are away, thanks to this great security garage door repair measure.

The control panel has a motion sensor built into it. You don’t have to walk in the dark.

The Liftmaster 8550W is one of the best garage door openers on the market. The Elite Series is perfect for people who want an opener that can’t be heard in the entire house.

You can keep your home safe by having a garage door opener installed.

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