How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

The most popular social network is Facebook. It is where people meet. People are using the social network to buy and sell.

The activity started in local Facebook groups.

To increase these connections, Facebook launched Marketplace, a simple destination where you can discover, buy and sell items.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

The users of Facebook can sell their items on the platform.

Within 7 months posting an ad on kijiji, 18 million people were listed to sell on the Facebook marketplace in the United States.

More than 800 million people from 70 countries are on Facebook.

It’s a great place to sell anything quickly.

If you want to find people who are willing to buy your products, you can find them on Facebook Marketplace.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

It is the largest social media platform in the world with over 2 billion users. If you know how to use the Facebook marketplace, you can find a buyer for your product.

Here is how Facebook marketplace works.

The selling process is easy to understand. You don’t have to sign in to your Facebook account to start listing your products.

The marketplace is on the left tab.

You can directly access the marketplace by clicking on the link.

The marketplace page has a button on the left side.

You will see a small window after you click the button.

You can choose between three categories

  • Items
  • Property
  • Vehicle

Pick the category that you think will fit your item.

The title, price, location, and category are all entered.

Pick the category for your product first.

I decided to sell my headphones, so I chose the item for sale.

You need to add the details of the item.

It is optional to include a description.

After entering the category, price, location, description, and pictures of your product, you can see what it will look like.

The next button is on the right bottom if you don’t provide all the information.

4- Publish your listing

You can list the product on your profile here.

Place your product in the marketplace by clicking the publish button.

How to Sell Safely on Facebook Marketplace

  • Use a secure payment gateway

Payments can’t be made via a payment gateway on Facebook. You must use a credit card to pay.

  • Evaluate the Buyer’s Profile

When a buyer is interested in your product, look into his/her profile. Check to see if they have any mutuals. If they have a new profile, perform no activity on their Facebook page, and have few friends, then you should avoid them.

  • Meet the buyer in person

You can make a video or a document of your exchange of goods if you choose a coffee shop. It will be useful in case of a dispute.

Prohibit Items to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

There are products that are not allowed to be sold on Facebook for commerce purposes.

Here is a list of products you shouldn’t sell on Facebook.

  • Prescription drugs and supplements
  • Ingestible Supplement (such as Protein powder & steroids)
  • Weapons & ammunition
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Sex toys and pleasure items are not allowed.
  • Alcohol
  • Healthcare products
  • Body part & fluids
  • Gambling
  • Offensive & misleading products

Ecommerce Platform Integration

If you run an online store, you can sell your goods on the Facebook marketplace.

Here is a list of Facebook-linked platforms.

Zentail Feedonomics is a channel advisor for the CommerceHub.

Facebook Marketplace Vs. Craigslist

People can post their ads on the website. Locals can buy and sell products in multiple regions without having to travel.

If you aren’t careful about the people you are dealing with, it can be quite dangerous. There are so many dishonest people out there.

People can connect with each other on Facebook and hammer out the transaction details.

You can see the product, but you can also see the seller’s Facebook profile and chat with them on Facebook Messenger.

A safer feel to these transactions is given by all of this. You need to do your homework to stay safe on Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace Success Stories

If you don’t like how the Facebook marketplace works or don’t think it has any impact on growing an online business, then you are going to change your mind.

Some of the success stories of online businesses that have used the Facebook marketplace have gained a significant advantage over their competitors.

1. Succulents Box

Low-maintenance plants are offered by the Succulents box.

They wanted to increase their customer base.

The Succulents box was being sold on the Facebook marketplace.

They list 150 products on the marketplace. They immediately received the order and gained thousands of dollars in 40 days.

They find new demographic for their products. They were targeting women in their twenties. They gained a lot of customers after they listed their products on the marketplace.

The Succulents box has seen a huge increase in sales in the last 3 months.

  • 66% increase in monthly sales
  • Facebook marketplace amounted 18% of total sales
  • The revenue from the Facebook marketplace increased by 19% in the last month.

2. Apartment List

People can find a home for rent according to their needs with the help of Apartment List. The listing of different properties that a renter can choose from is included in the app.

They wanted to register more people on their site.

Apartments List used to run ads on Facebook. They began to place ads on the Facebook marketplace to attract customers who were looking for properties online.

The experiment was conducted for 2 weeks by The Apartment.

  • After running ads on the Facebook marketplace, the cost per registration decreased by 16%.
  • 17.5% increase in post reach.

3. Tropical Breeze Décor

There is an online store that sells beach-themed home décor, apparel and accessories.

They wanted to boost their online store sales.

Big commerce introduced them to the Facebook marketplace.

They list their catalog on Facebook.

In less than half an hour, the team listed 4,000 items and saw a huge increase in sales.

Tropical Breeze Décor saw unprecedented growth in their sales after listing their products on Facebook.

  • Facebook marketplace amounted for 87% of total sales
  • 3.5x boost in sales
  • 72% of total revenue generated from Facebook marketplace

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Wrapping Up

The sellers can get the potential buyer without any hassle with the help of Facebook.

Small businesses and individual sellers have a lot of opportunities to build their market because brands are not allowed to use the Facebook marketplace.

If you want to boost the sales of your business, or if you want to get more recognition for your brand, then this is the platform for you.

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