Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

The garage door system is dependent on the garage door spring. The high-tension springs help the garage door opener open and close the door, but they also support the full weight of the door. It is not something you think about, but the door can be very heavy. There are a lot of problems that involve this component.

Tension springs are connected to the system with special hardware. After many years of use, this hardware sometimes fails. A replacement for the garage door spring is required. The garage door springs are the worst problem. The garage door spring failure is a very dangerous situation. The garage door has a spring that supports it. When the spring fails, the door is going to close quickly and with a lot of force. If you, your children or pets are in the wrong place, you could be in serious danger.

Major damage to your vehicles or equipment in the path of the door is also a result of this failure. The door is not the scariest example of potential damage. The garage door springs are very heavy. When they break, the tension in the air causes the pieces of spring to snap back in the same way they were before.

There is only one section of spring in a hardware failure. Think about the last time you broke a band. You probably got a nasty sting when it snapped back. Imagine that happening with your garage door. The principle is the same as that of the broken rubber band. The damage can be much more than a small sting.

We always recommend hiring a professional to handle door spring issues, from repair to new installations. If the spring breaks free, there is a risk. We can handle it for you, why risk it? Another reason to have us do the job garage door repair near me is that most garage door makers won’t sell the necessary parts to DIYers due to the danger.

The right parts can be obtained from Elite Door Systems. A trip to your local hardware store won’t fix the problem. We will not allow you to buy parts there that are not enough for the job. If you hire us, you could end up spending more on medical or property repairs.

All of our technicians are trained to do garage door repair safely. We do this. We have the skills and experience to get the job done right. Our prices are competitive.

A garage door system tune-up is a great way to prevent catastrophic garage door spring failure. We comb your system to make sure it’s in working order. preventative maintenance is also done. It takes one door tune-up a year to keep your system strong.

We offer garage door repair in the following areas.

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