Best Offline Games For Android 2021

Best Offline Games For Android 2021

The best time to be bored is when you are playing games. There are thousands of games for offline use. It is difficult to pick them.

The internet can’t be on all the time. Without the internet getting bored is not an option. Offline games are great because of their good pass time. Are you tired of searching for the best offline games but not finding any? Don’t fret, you are at the right place. Here in the article, I have given a list of offline games. You can play the best games.

According to the user reviews and ratings on the Play Store, I have made a list of the best offline games.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition

Kingdom: New Lands


Never lose hope.

These are the best offline games. We can find the article about the games.

Best Offline Games for Android 2021

The detailed description and features of the games can be found in the article.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition

The Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is a fighting game. You can test your skills by having your hands on fighters. It is great for street fight lovers. You can become a master of your skills in the game.

You are a legend from a trainer. Street fans are able to live their dreams instantly. The game has a virtual pad mode that gives the player complete control.


Fighters collections.

Exclusive arenas

Supports Bluetooth controller

Different training modes nation creator

Supports single and multiplayer battle

There are 3.5 user ratings for Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition.

Once Upon a Tower

Have you ever thought about what it feels like to be taken from you? If you want to see a princess life that is guarded by dragons, you should visit the high tower. What can you do to be free?

You are correct. You have to fight for yourself. You need a plan to get to freedom. The princess is strong enough to make decisions and fight for her freedom in the game. As you move down the game gets harder.


Different modes of level

Exclusive power-ups

The Once Upon a Tower content rating is 7.

Kingdom: New Lands

A monarch king is trying to build a kingdom. As the nightfall comes, the greedy and dark wait for you, becauseKingdom: New Lands is packed with great resources that help you to construct and recruit soldiers. You can test your skills in the Kingdom: New Lands.


Build or construct an empire

Exclusive recruits

High graphics


The resources and game are paid.

The content rating of Kingdom: New Lands is 7.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto and his friend are playing a game about sandboarding. Alto is in an adventure and you can be a part of it. You can explore different areas.

Do you need more? Wait. The original soundtrack is added to enhance your experience.


High definition graphics

Zen mode and photo mode

Alto has a 7+ content rating with 4.5 user ratings.


Edinbyrg is a megacity that never sleeps and it is your duty to make it safe and free from crime. Adding rifles, guns, and explosives will make your augmented JYDGE. You can choose between rockets, lasers, and other exclusive weapons in the game.


Exclusive weapon

High-end graphics


The content rating of JYDGE is 11.

Implosion: Never Lose Hope

Implosion: Never Lose Hope is a game that brings the console experience to your phone. The last part of the human race is close to extinction. An unknown life form is preparing to fight.

Wait! The in-game action is connected with the realistic graphics in the game. The game is free. You can use your data on multiple devices if you sync your data.


Stunning graphics

Set of superweapons,

The content rating of Implosion: Never Lose Hope is 11+.

Final Verdict

User reviews and ratings are what make up the above games. These are the best offline games. You can share your gaming experiences in the comment section.

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